♥ hello guys.. sorry for all crappy and fast editing these past few days ..yep i've been busy lately because of school and other things.. the only thing that makes this blog alive is my queue (from best editors of course :>) .. my intership is coming plus thesis its hard to be 4th college.. i'll try my best to be active as much as possible ♥ after 10000 years new themes

 OMG ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ


After school have 8 visual.


if any of you guys ever met me irl you would probably go to the nearest free wifi hotspot and unfollow me straight after

"at least I’m not in denial"

Anonymous sent : happy birthday senpai !!! ðÂŸÂŽÂ‚í ¼

wow..thank you!! btw who are u ..how did know..😝😝.. i really appreciate.. show up and lets be friend…ok..thank u once again.